Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Thursday of Boredom!

~Quote of the day~ Boredom is the key to life

Okay! So this is my first blog! I saw everyone else making one, so I really wanted to start making a blog too! Here it is....yay! (I'm a go with the crowd type of girl)

Today was........extremely boring! It was my first day of spring break! (My spring break is only 5 days long including weekends) I did pratically nothing today!I was haunted by the "Your Book Report is Due in 7 days Ghost" In the end...I didn't even touch my book report. It still left halfway done.....

All I did today was listen to the same song over and over, and stare at my youtube screen. I have the best life ever...Bored...Bored...Bored...

This was the song I was listening to all day:

It's such a cute song, right? I want to try singing it some day, when I'm not dying of boredom (When will that be?) Maybe next century...

Okay! Now I'll share my pictures of the day!

Yeah...I know I'm probably the ugliest being on this world.
And that's my bored face.

OMG! It's the lamp of magic! Actually, It's just a really cute Hello Kitty lamp, but I'm'll just keep thinking that

I know what you're thinking..."More Hello Kitty?"....Yes, I'm childish.....

Anyways, That's how my day went! I'll try writing something better next time, so that this doesn't bore everyone to death!